In 2017, the publishing house Red Clown started a series of independent publications that deal with Latin America’s political issues, with a soundtrack in the tradition of brazilian progressive rock. Their latest release "Rio de Lágrimas – Fábula" (River of Tears – A Fable) is a musical project created for the graphic novel of the same name, with songs written by Bruno Moscatiello. This project brings together different generations of the Brazilian progressive rock scene Willy Verdaguer (Secos & Molhados / Humahuaca), Eduardo Aguillar (Vitral), Claudio Dantas (Quaterna Réquiem), Saulo Battesini (Solo), Kleber Vogel (Kaizen), Fabio Ribeiro (Blezqi Zatsaz), Fred Barley (O Terço / Dialeto), also featuring Erico Jones, Nana Mathias, Edu Varallo and Tainan Cristina. The book "Sob os olhos de Eva" (Under Eve’s eyes) was soundtracked by the band Kaoll. The band was formed in 2008 and has a distinguished presence among the most active groups in the Brazilian instrumental music scene. 1. Bruno Moscatiello - O Acordo 01:37 2. Bruno Moscatiello - Batalha dos Minotauros 04:35 3. Bruno Moscatiello - Rio de Lágrimas 07:23 4. Bruno Moscatiello - Morte do Sonho 02:59 5. Bruno Moscatiello - O Último Ato 03:46 6. Kaoll - Sob os Olhos de Eva 06:02 7. Kaoll - O Exílio da Serpente 03:28 8. Kaoll - Kopernik 02:54 9. Kaoll - Julgamento e Morte de Giordano Bruno 03:36 10. Kaoll - A Rua Contra os Reis 02:52 11. Kaoll - Dharma em Chamas 05:50

Muy buen disco instrumental de la banda brasileña, línea prog sinfónico y medieval. High-caliber, full on instrumental symphonic prog from Brazillian veterans; bombastic without being overly so; great guitar work and perfectly subtle keyboard support and the pleasurable inputs of a talented, often-inspired flute player. The sound is quite nice--nearly replicating that of 1990s COLLAGE on their monster Moonshine, only, truly, better: warmer and clearer. The instrument sounds, melodies, and shifts in tempos and movements are excellent-- timed perfectly well (never overblown or drawn out for too long): true signs of intelligent prog veterans. 1. "Pétala de Sangue" ( 6:49 ) nice mid-tempo Neo-Prog with Nexus (organ) and Mike Oldfield sound and feel (lead guitar & tubular bells) to it. (8.5/10) 2. "Entre as Estrelas" ( 52:22 ) a truly epic song that the band has worked on in live situations for over a year--and it shows: this is a highly thought-out, well-constructed song with little or no fluff. Reminds me of some of the nicer, more melody-oriented NeoProg coming out of RPI or the Netherlands. Not quite as sophisticated or bombastic as the music of Arjen Lucassen or Roine Stolt but much more easy on the ears. I'm actually reminded a lot of some of the music that PFM or NEXUS did in the previous decade as well as some of the English folk-melody-tinged music of early BIG BIG TRAIN (minus the vocals, of course). The flute, of course, is such a wonderful addition to the tapestry. Plus, the keyboards are never over-the-top showy or attention grabbing, always tasteful and perfectly supportive to the whole and to the other instruments, which is quite extraordinary, in my opinion. (9.5/10) 3. "Vitral" ( 5:12 ) opens with Baroque sound with "harpsichord," celeste, wooden flute, and organ sounds playing in a classical time construct. Quite lovely. Becomes more bombastic with Arp synth taking the lead at 2:10 in a Chip Davis/MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER kind of way. Then back to Baroque instrumental sounds--with some modern synths and electric bass and, later, electric guitar mixed in. Baroque and modern seemlessly melded together! (9.5/10) Five stars; a masterpiece of symphonic NeoProg.