In 2017, the publishing house Red Clown started a series of independent publications that deal with Latin America’s political issues, with a soundtrack in the tradition of brazilian progressive rock. Their latest release "Rio de Lágrimas – Fábula" (River of Tears – A Fable) is a musical project created for the graphic novel of the same name, with songs written by Bruno Moscatiello. This project brings together different generations of the Brazilian progressive rock scene Willy Verdaguer (Secos & Molhados / Humahuaca), Eduardo Aguillar (Vitral), Claudio Dantas (Quaterna Réquiem), Saulo Battesini (Solo), Kleber Vogel (Kaizen), Fabio Ribeiro (Blezqi Zatsaz), Fred Barley (O Terço / Dialeto), also featuring Erico Jones, Nana Mathias, Edu Varallo and Tainan Cristina. The book "Sob os olhos de Eva" (Under Eve’s eyes) was soundtracked by the band Kaoll. The band was formed in 2008 and has a distinguished presence among the most active groups in the Brazilian instrumental music scene. 1. Bruno Moscatiello - O Acordo 01:37 2. Bruno Moscatiello - Batalha dos Minotauros 04:35 3. Bruno Moscatiello - Rio de Lágrimas 07:23 4. Bruno Moscatiello - Morte do Sonho 02:59 5. Bruno Moscatiello - O Último Ato 03:46 6. Kaoll - Sob os Olhos de Eva 06:02 7. Kaoll - O Exílio da Serpente 03:28 8. Kaoll - Kopernik 02:54 9. Kaoll - Julgamento e Morte de Giordano Bruno 03:36 10. Kaoll - A Rua Contra os Reis 02:52 11. Kaoll - Dharma em Chamas 05:50