DESCRIPTION Wounded Bird Records has released the first four Steve Smith & Vital Information albums in a four CD set. Originally recorded for Columbia Records, the albums have been newly mastered from original 1/4" masters & sound far better than the original releases. Two bonus tracks included. Featured players: Steve Smith, Tim Landers, David Wilczewski, Mike Stern, Dean Brown, Barry Finnerty, Frank Gambale, Andy Narell, Tom Coster, Jay Oliver, Lenny Castro, Mike Fisher & Armando Peraza. 1 Looks Bad Feels Good 2 Questionable Arrivals V.G. Vital Information All That Is Stoughton to Stockholm Samba 13th Month 3 Future Primitive 4 Thank You Mr. Edison 5 The Strut 6 Orion Blade Adventures of Hector and Jose 7 Shadows Past 8 Blues to Bappe II 9 One Flight Up 10 Island Holiday 11 Johnny Cat 12 Novato 13 Sunset 14 Jave & a Nail 15 Jave & a Nail Revisited 16 Global Beat 17 Black Eyebrows 18 In a Low Voice 19 Traditions in Transition 20 Blues to Bappe I 21 Forget Me Not 22 Please Don't Feel Bad 23 The Chant 24 Maltese Connection 25 Celebration (Fiafiaga) 26 Babaluwaiye (The Creator) 27 Sunday Afternoon 28 Perfect Date 29 Whenever You're Ready 30 50/50