DESCRIPTION In honor of the Cars reunion tour, we proudly bring back two long out of print solo albums by original Cars members. Change No Change by Elliot Easton was originally issued in 1985 on Elektra Records. This CD has five bonus tracks not on the original vinyl release. It features a guest appearance by Jules Shear. The Lace by Benjamin Orr was originally issued in 1986 on Elektra Records. It features a guest appearance by fellow Cars member Elliot Easton. Both of these albums cracked the top 100 on the Billboard charts when originally released. Tools of Your Labor 2 (Wearing Down) Like a Wheel 3 Shayla 4 Help Me 5 (She Made It) New for Me 6 I Want You 7 The Hard Way 8 Fight My Way to Love 9 Chance 10 Wide Awake 11 Lonely Is the Dark 12 Walk on Walden 13 Long, Long Time 14 Stop the World from Turning 15 Let It Slide