Rare recordings from the early years 1963-1970 These are rare recordings, golden pieces of songs and pearls of the individual Yes musicians, recorded in the years 1963 to 1970 from Steve Howe, Jon Anderson, Chris Squire and Tony Kaye. These are the pre-Yes times and the "Music Roots" of the legendary group Yes. On two compact discs, packed in an elegant digisleeve, we summarize the songs that are a "must have" for every collector. TracksCredits - Disc 1 - 1 Who Belongs to You 2 Beautiful Land. Federals (W/ Tony Kaye) 3 Brazil 4 On a Persian Market 5 The Climb 6 Dance with a Dolly 7 Boot Hill 8 Keep on Dancin' with Me 9 Marlena 10 Please Believe Me 11 Twilight Time 12 Lost and Alone 13 Bucketful of Love 14 Leah. the in Crowd (W/ Steve Howe) - Disc 2 - 1 Why Must They Critize, the in Crowd (W/ Steve Howe) 2 I Don't Mind, (W/ Steve Howe) 3 Engel Fallen Nicht Vom Himmel, Keith West (W/ Steve Howe) 4 Shy Boy, Keith West (W/ Steve Howe) 5 You Came Along, the Warriors (W/ Jon Anderson) 6 Sonata of Love, Hans Christian (Jon Anderson) 7 Mississippi Hobo, Hans Christian (Jon Anderson) 8 Revolution, Tomorrow (W/ Steve Howe) 9 Three Jolly Little Dwarfs, Tomorrow (W/ Steve Howe) 10 Real Crazy Apartment, Winston's Fumbs (W/ Tony Kaye) 11 Snow White, Winston's Fumbs (W/ Tony Kaye) 12 Maybelline, Syndicats (W/ Steve Howe) 13 True to Me, Syndicats (W/ Steve Howe)