Four CDs. Collection of bonus material including soundchecks, interviews and other extras, all recorded during the band's highly acclaimed Union Tour, 1991-92. Tracks 1.1 Intro/Firebird Suite (Live) 1.2 Yours Is No Disgrace (Live) 1.3 Rhythm of Love (Live) 1.4 Shock to the System (Live) 1.5 Heart of the Sunrise (Live) 1.6 Clap/Mood for a Day (Live) 1.7 Make It Easy/Owner of a Lonely Heart (Live) 1.8 And You and I (Live) 1.9 Drums Duet Changes (Live) 1.10 Tony Kaye Solo Changes (Live) 1.11 I've Seen All Good People (Live) 2.1 Keyboards and Drums Jam (Soundcheck) 2.2 I Get Up I Get Down (Soundcheck) 2.3 Saving My Heart (Soundcheck) 2.4 The Solid Time of Change (Soundcheck) 2.5 Seasons of Man (Soundcheck) 2.6 Trevor Rabin Rehearsing (Soundcheck) 2.7 Rick Wakeman Solo (Soundcheck) 2.8 Yours Is No Disgrace (Soundcheck) 2.9 Changes (Soundcheck) 2.10 Lift Me Up (Soundcheck) 3.1 Two Bands, Plus Two Guitars (Us Radio Show) 3.2 The Time, 1968 and Beyond (Us Radio Show) 3.3 Enter Steve (Us Radio Show) 3.4 Jon, Chris and a Roundabout (Us Radio Show) 3.5 Goodbye Tony, Hello Rick (Us Radio Show) 3.6 The Union Starts (Us Radio Show) 3.7 Steve and the Guitar Phase (Us Radio Show) 3.8 Jon, 1991 and Beyond (Us Radio Show) 3.9 The Union Tour and Jon's Dream (Us Radio Show) 3.10 Alan White, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford (Interview) 3.11 Jon Talks About Steve (Interview) 3.12 Tony Talks About Steve (Interview) 3.13 Jon Talks About Melody (Interview) 4.1 Long Distance Runaround (Soundcheck) 4.2 Starship Trooper (Soundcheck) 4.3 City of Love Soon (Soundcheck) 4.4 Gimme Some Lovin' (Soundcheck) 4.5 Tony Kaye Solo #1 (Soundcheck) 4.6 Tony Kaye Solo #2 (Soundcheck) 4.7 Steve Howe Rehearsing (Soundcheck) 4.8 Close to the Edge (Soundcheck) 4.9 Saving My Heart (Soundcheck) 4.10 Various Jams #1 (Soundcheck) 4.11 Various Jams #2 (Soundcheck)