From Pete Jones: The Turning Of The World is a companion album to The Whispering Of The World. While it is a mostly an acoustic-sounding collection of songs, the lyrics speak of coming to terms with an ever changing world. When writing this album, I found myself going back to the acoustic guitar. I used to write a lot of my songs on guitar before the prog days, but not so much since then. It felt good to come back to that and make it the central sound for this album. With topics covering revolution, changing technology, life-altering events and having the perseverance to embrace change by trying something new, this album is definitely new ground for Tiger Moth Tales. The songs also touch on some personal circumstances, such as the recent serious illness of my father on the track ‘You Reached For My Hand’. As with previous albums, I pay tribute to friends and family who have passed away and celebrate the memory of those people and their legacies. I have many uncertainties about what the future will bring. Among the concerns and mixed emotions expressed on this album, there are also songs that celebrate the joy of life and the happiness that change can bring. I love happy endings and I still try to look for the positives. Songs like ‘So Wonderful To Be Alive’, ‘The Beautiful People Of Münchwald’ and ‘All I Need Today’, are notes of thanks to the people in my life who absolutely make it worth living, no matter what happens, as the world keeps turning. Track Listing 1.The Getaway 2.The Turning Of The World 3.So Wonderful To Be Alive 4.The Snail, The Horse And The River 5.Try 6.We'll Remember 7.Pass It On 8.The Beautiful People Of Münchwald 9.You Reached For My Hand 10.The Lock Keeper 11.Make A Good Sound 12.All I Need Today