Sixth studio album from excellent Swedish melodic prog metal band Track Listing: 1. Sincere / 2. Unbreakable / 3. Violence / 4. Fortress / 5. Hollowed / 6. Memorial / 7. Incendiary / 8. Tragedian / 9. Icon / 10. Vitals More information: Soen, the band formed by and featuring ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, tackle the ills of current society with a wounded venom that betrays the band's pain, anger and extreme frustrations. Fusing majestic melodies and bone-crushing guitars and rhythms, symphonic beauty and righteous rage abound. Finishing with the tragic Pink Floyd influenced ballad Vitals, Memorial is the result of a band bravely finding its voice amidst global chaos and madness. CD in Casebound Book.