DESCRIPTION 'Quadrivium' is Nick's third and most impressive solo progressive fusion album to date! The album features Nick's trademark soaring guitar lines with intriguing harmonic twists and turns infused with deep emotive expression! Quadrivium also features the late Jeff Beck's drummer Anika Nilles. Anika is one of the most important and virtuosic drummers in the modern era. Her sublime muiscality and virtuosity behind the kit forms a major contribution to Nick's compositions. The often telepathic interplay betweeen Nick's guitar and Anika's drumming is magnificent! The album also feature the virtuoso keyboard playing of Dave Bainbridge (Lifesigns, DBA, Iona) also one time member of Bill Bruford's 'Earthworks' bass player Tim Harries. Caroline Bonnett of SCNmedia plays keyboards, created loops, engineered, mixed, mastered and, along with Nick, co-produced the album. The album comprises 11 original compositions written and arranged by Nick Fletcher. Each track has it's own character and title but was conceived to be listened to as one whole, hence 'Quadrivium suite'; inspired by the idea of the four noble arts, as mentioned by the philosopher Plato. These are Maths, Geometry, Music and Astronomy. Quadrivium is a musical journey of virtuosic musicianship within compositons of beautiful, melodic, rhythmic and harmonic discourse! 1 A Wave on the Ocean of Eternity (Prelude) 2 Overture to the Cosmos (Overture) 3 Riding the Event Horizon (Scene 1) 4 Ziggurat of Dreams Part 1 (Interlude 1) 5 The Fifth Parallel (Scene 2) 6 Aphelion (Scene 3) 7 Ziggurat of Dreams Part 2 (Interlude 2) 8 The Helix (Scene 4) 9 To the Stars We Shall Return (Interlude 3) 10 The Journey to Varanasi (Scene 5) 11 Standing on the Edge of Time (Denoument)