Chrome Dreams is another of Neil Young’s legendary “lost” albums; finished albums that for various reasons Neil decided not to release at the time. The recent releases of Homegrown and Toast also fall into this category. Chrome Dreams features 12 songs recorded between 1974 and 1977. If the album was released in 1977 as originally planned, it would certainly be considered as one of the masterpieces in Neil’s long career. The album contains some of Neil’s most iconic songs: “Pocahontas”, “Like A Hurricane”, “Powderfinger”, Homegrown”, “Too Far Gone” and “Star of Bethlehem”. Most of the tracks were subsequently released on later Neil Young albums (e.g.: American Stars ‘N’ Bars, Hawks & Doves, Hitchiker, Archives Vol II), although Chrome Dreams includes unreleased versions of two much loved songs: “Sedan Delivery” and “Hold Back The Tears”. Four of the songs are making their vinyl debut. 1 Pocahontas (August 11, 1976) 2 Will to Love (December 3, 1976) 3 Star of Bethlehem (December 13, 1974) 4 Like a Hurricane (November 29, 1975) 5 Too Far Gone (September 5, 1975) 6 Hold Back the Tears (February 6, 1977) 7 Homegrown (November 19, 1975) 8 Captain Kennedy (August 11, 1976) 9 Stringman (March 31, 1976) 10 Sedan Delivery (May 22, 1975) 11 Powderfinger (August 11, 1976) 12 Look Out for My Love (January 20, 1976)