When Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, the songwriting duo and mainstays of much-loved British Pop combo Squeeze decided to call time on their band in 1982, fan disappointment was somewhat tempered by the positive message that the duo would carry on working together as Difford & Tilbrook. The resulting album Difford & Tilbrook, brought to you at mid-price seeks to mark a very clear distinction between the duo now and the ‘then’ of the Squeeze era. The pair looked more obviously ‘styled’ than they ever did on their previous album covers. As well as Chris and Glenn on their usual vocals and guitar, the other personnel on the album are Guy Fletcher (keyboards, backing vocals), Andy Duncan (drums, percussion), Keith Wilkinson (bass, vocals, Larry Tollfree (percussion), and Debbie Bishop (Backing vocals). The record picked up mixed reviews and was their only album in this combination. Instead, a Squeeze reunion was the next move in the pair’s career, and off and on, they have been doing so ever since. 1. Action Speaks Faster 2. Love's Crashing Waves 3. Picking Up the Pieces 4. On My Mind Tonight 5. Man For All Seasons 6. Hope Fell Down 7. Wagon Train 8. You Can't Hurt the Girl 9. Tears For Attention 10. The Apple Tree