DESCRIPTION For The Elektric Band's fourth outing, Chick Corea - the venerated 27-time Grammy winner and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master - decided to push the envelope even further then on previous albums. Writing for the band's individual strengths, Corea went full throttle on Inside Out. Here we find the Elektric Band engaging in uptempo burners, prog-rock fantasia, Latin-tinged grooves and the kind of complex and characteristic tight harmonies and unisons that characterized Corea's earlier compositions of 1970s. There is are highly orchestrated aesthetic pieces like "Make a Wish, Part 1," "Stretch It, Part 1," the driving, Latinesque swinger of "Make a Wish, Part 2," the intricate stop-time vehicle "Kicker" and the epic 20-minute, four part suite, "Tales of Daring." Notably one of Corea's most complex and demanding compositions. Originally released on GRP Records in 1990, the album reflects the innovative spirit of The Elektric Band, pushing boundaries and creating a unique sonic landscape that captivates listeners. Produced by Corea, with longtime engineering partner Bernie Kirsch, the album features detailed liner notes by jazz writer Bill Milkowski, giving context and explicit technical notes to the listening experience.


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