DESCRIPTION By the time Chick Corea - the venerated 27-time Grammy winner and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master - went into Mad Hatter Studios in Los Angeles to record the third album with his Elektric Band, the lineup had been solidified through constant touring the previous year. Dedicated to his father Armando, a trumpeter who led a Dixieland band in Boston in the 1930s and 1940s, Eye of the Beholder reflected a tightening of the ensemble playing and a greater showcasing of the individual solo prowess of these consummate musicians. With this fresh sounding five-star recording, it is clear that Corea was more open to showcasing this band's collective muscle and individual virtuosity. The group rips, in no uncertain terms, on showcases like "Cascade, Part II," "Trance Dance," and the staggering "Amnesia." There are experimental excursion into the kind of atmospheric, ambient music realms that Brian Eno pioneered on "Cascade, Part 1" and may be the most profound musical statement of the collection, on par with past Corea high points, "Beauty." Originally released on GRP Records in 1988, the album is a high-water mark for Corea and his Elektric Bandmates. Produced by Corea, with longtime engineering partner Bernie Kirsch, the vinyl LP has been cut by legendary engineer Bernie Grundman features liner notes by jazz writer Bill Milkowski, giving context and explicit technical notes to the listening experience.


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