eneath the Mask marks a return to the more commercially viable jazz-funk of the Chick Corea Elektric Band's earlier albums, and marks the end of the first stage in the bands history, which began five years earlier with the group's self-titled debut. Energy meets craft on this superlative outing, which finds the five virtuoso musicians - the venerated 27-time Grammy winner and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master Chick Corea, drummer Dave Weckl, bassist John Patitucci, guitarist Frank Gamble, and saxophonist Eric Marienthal - engaging in a highly sophisticated yet accessible set of music. Massive in the scale of the influences it contains, the album travels from the heavy grooving funk-fusion of the title track "Beneath the Mask," to the lively West African township jive of "One of Us Over 40." to the mellow smooth jazz of "A Wave Goodbye," and the grandiose '70s styl prog-rock/fusion of "Charged Particles." Following the release of Beneath the Mask and subsequent tour, Corea would devote himself to a myriad of other musical projects, and would not reunite with this Elektric Bandmates again until the summer of 2003. Originally released on GRP Records in 1991, the album reflects the innovative spirit of The Elektric Band, pushing boundaries and creating a unique sonic landscape that captivates listeners. Produced by Corea, with longtime engineering partner Bernie Kirsch, the album features detailed liner notes by jazz writer Bill Milkowski, giving context and explicit technical notes to the listening experience.


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