Time Machine - Limited Edition - Atlanta Rhythm Section - 2 CDS / 32 TRACKS, 7 PREVIOUSLY RELEASED STUDIO TRACKS, 6 PREVIOUSLY RELEASED LIVE TRACKS. Authorized by the Atlanta Rhythm Section! Often described as a more radio-friendly version of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of a few Southern rock bands to hit the upper reaches of the charts during the '70s. Hailing from the small town of Doraville, Georgia, the formation of ARS can be traced to the remnants of two groups (The Candymen & The Classics IV). Local Hit Songwriter Buddy Buie, assembled the band which comprised singer Rodney Justo, guitarist Barry Bailey, bassist Paul Goddard, keyboardist Dean Daughtry, and drummer Robert Nix. After playing on several artists' recordings, it was decided to take the band a step further and make the group of players a real band, leading to the formation of the ARS. Disc One, features album Deep Cuts and previously Unreleased Studio Recordings. Disc Two features live performances of their Greatest Hits over the decades. 1 Georgia Pines (The Candymen) 2 Lonely Eyes (The Candymen) 3 Stormy (Noah's Ark) 4 Love Me Just a Little (Sometime) 5 Will I Live On? 6 Alien (Acoustic) 7 Stone Cold Hit (Previously Unreleased) 8 High Time (Previously Unreleased) 9 Longing for a Feeling (Previously Unreleased) 10 Sleep with One Eye Opened (Justo Vocal) 11 What's Up Wid Dat? (Previously Unreleased) 12 You Ain't Seen Nothing 13 I Don' Want to Grow Old Alone (Hammond Vocal) 14 Voodoo (Acoustic) 15 Long Distance Love (Previously Unreleased) 16 Conversation (Hammond & Justo Vocal) 17 When (Previously Unreleased) 18 Two Note Boogie (Previously Unreleased) 19 Back Up Against the Wall (Atlanta '78) 20 Sky High (Pittsburgh '77) 21 Homesick (NYC '81) 22 Champagne Jam (Tokyo '78) 23 Jukin' (Munich '83) 24 Large Time (Munich '83) 25 Angel (Pittsburgh '77) 26 I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight (Tokyo '78) Jam (Atlanta ' 78) 27 Spooky (Tokyo '78) 28 Boogie Smoogie (Cleveland '78) 29 Mixed Emotions (Atlanta '96) 30 Imaginary Lover (NYC '96) 31 So in to You (London '78)