RARE RECORDINGS FROM THE VAULTS It’s no secret that Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks didn't just emerge out of thin air when they joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975, but already had a career going with one album as a duo in 1973; as a complement to that record, a series of demos recorded by the Buckingham Nicks duo also exists, often titled the coffee-plant demos. In 1972, the two were writing songs together and recording at night in Daly City on a half-inch four-track Ampex tape machine, which Buckingham kept at the coffee roasting plant belonging to his father. There isn't a single song on the tape which features on the Buckingham Nicks album, so this set of very strong material can be seen as the de-facto BN debut. The Cathouse Blues Demos are from a tape recorded by Stevie Nicks in the early 70s without Buckingham, which again reveals a selection of well-crafted material, from which certain songs would later see the light of day as either Fleetwood Mac tracks, or on Stevie’s solo albums as fully formed studio versions. Both these tapes are now included in their entirety on this new CD collection for the first time, providing a much anticipated but previously unavailable set of recordings from the vaults, which will delight fans of B&N and Fleetwood Mac equally. 1 Without You 3:43 2 Nomad 2:10 3 That’s Alright 3:12 4 Garbo 3:14 5 Sorcerer 4:46 6 Cathouse Blues 1:45 7 Goldfish And The Ladybug 3:04 8 Secret Love 3:07 9 Without You 3:22 10 Storms 10:47 11 Candlebright 2:05 12 That’s Alright 3:03 13 Garbo 3:06 14 Sorcerer 4:27 15 Goldfish And The Ladybug 2:47 16 Cathouse Blues 1:36 17 Smile At You 4:33 18 Castaway 4:49 19 Silver Springs 5:06 20 After The Glitter Fades 2:11 21 Kind Of Woman 3:10 22 Think About It 3:31